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Wrath "怒" T-shirt

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Wrath "怒" T-shirt

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Be angry "怒", and do not sin; let not the sun set upon your wrath "怒" (生氣卻不要犯罪;不可含怒到日落)

100% Cotton with preshrunk & surface finishing; smooth, soft, comfortable & durable

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Be angry "怒", and do not sin; let not the sun set upon your wrath "怒" (生氣卻不要犯罪;不可含怒到日落)Many people say that anger may kill a large amount of brain cells. Studies from the Harvard School of Public Health indicate that a “possibly fatal” two-hour period is created after a burst of anger. Within these two hours, the risk of a heart attack and stroke increases five-fold and three-fold respectively! Even though the disadvantages of anger are innumerable, in an incredibly stressful city, a “ticking time bomb” is everywhere. As long as there is a small spark, the bomb can go off, and fury will become like an untamable beast that cannot be stopped.

“Be angry, and do not sin”: do not let the sun go down on your wrath” (Ephesians 4:26)

God understands that to be irate or angry is natural, but He also reminds that we have to be careful of our anger, because it can lead us into sin and let us fall into hatred and rage. At the same time, the Bible passage hints that we are susceptible to storing our wrath and accumulating resentment within us. The Chinese character for “anger” 「怒」is a combination of two separate characters “slave” 「奴」and “heart” 「心」. Anger causes our hearts to be enslaved. This wrath is not dismissed for a long time, and in some instances, a lifetime. So how can we not let the sun go down on our wrath and not be controlled by our temper?

The Bible says that we who have sins, in the eyes of righteous God, are by nature children of wrath. Our thoughts, speech, and acts are full of sin. We frequently incur God’s wrath and even declare God as our enemy. Originally we were to face perdition, but God loved us and did not will any of us to perish. Thus, he sent His beloved son, Jesus Christ, to the world to suffer and to die on the cross for us, so that He could bear all the evil consequences of sin. We are like a group of slaves who owed our master a large debt, a debt that could not be repaid by our efforts. Fortunately our Lord, who loves us, was willing to give His life, repay our debt, and free us from the chains of sin and death.

Everyone who has experienced salvation would be moved by the Lord’s unconditional love. When someone offends or angers us, the Lord’s love would once again remind us: Even a “child of wrath” and “indebted slave” such as I could be forgiven of my sin and debt, how can I not forgive someone who “owes me a couple of pennies”? When we think of this, our anger would then be extinguished by the sweetness of the Lord’s love.

If you had tried to escape from the devil’s clutches and from hatred and rage, then believing in the Lord Jesus and receiving His great love is your only way out.


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